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Huile de Jeunesse Divine: Occitane beauty serum

18 November 2014

huile de jeunesse divine immortelle l'occitane made in france

Here it’s Divine Youth oil by l’Occitane: new beauty serum of the brand. First time ever I talk about l’Occitane on the blog and yet, this is one of the most famous cosmetic french brands. That’s because I’ve tested few of their products by now: ha, habits!….You know how I came to buy this product? During my road-trip to Verdon last summer, we went by the Occitane manufacture in Manosque.

This year, I wanted to prepare my dry and sensitive skin to upcoming winter, and so I had to change my beauty routine. I decided to try an oil for the face. Last september, l’Occitane launched its new product: Huile de Jeunesse Divine (Divine Youth Oil).

So I told myself time had come to test this oil AND l’Occitane at once!

How to use Divine Youth Oil?

Instructions say you can use it in the morning or evening. I immediately decided to use it over night on clean face. I like the pipette; it is psychologic only I know, but it’s a different way to put your skin care. And frankly, I have to say that if I have pleasure to apply my skin care it makes a difference in my judgement. This is dry oil, so NO you won’t shine in the dark like a luciola, or (like a margarine bar) and you won’t look like you did use Biafine.

Divine Youth Oil: verdict

After one month use, I am satisfied with this product; I’ll see when it’s really cold outside if this is still so good for my skin. When it’s cold, my skin often peels between eyebrows: this hasn’t happen yet. The Oil costs 79€: it may be more expensive that your usual care, but you should note that you only use drops each time, so I’m pretty sure this will last at least 5 or 6 months.

I only want to make a quick remark about cosmetic brands marketing: brands often note performances of the tested product on their packagings (ex: 84% think it keeps a velvety skin all day). If you look underneath: it is written in small print underneath: “tested on 32 women”. I maybe the only one to think that but such a small panel is not a good marketing pitch; anyway it doesn’t spoil the product’s quality: just a word to the wise….

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