Iron-on name labels

28 August 2014

etiquette thermocollante made in france a qui sSimple like…an iron-on label!!! That’s my last great made in France find for the kids that will makes your life easier (and so as mine)! School begin is approaching and we need to be organized!

etiquette thermocollante made in france a qui s

Why should you mark your children clothes?

Back to those labels: I found a-qui-s by searching on the web: I was so happy to find them and also so disappointed that I did not know them before. I would have been glad to use them for the creche instead of making hand-made approximate marking..!!! But, when you don’t mark your stuff, every evening you have to go fishing doudou, sleep bag and so on….personalised labels make life easier for parents AND school or creche staff who will be sooooo grateful and impressed by your organizational ability. Yes don’t thank me, it is important to impress them straight away.

I chose the 30 labels lot. I also wanted to buy her the A-qui-Bag label for a school bag but hers will be so unique that there is no need for that.

How to use name labels?

It takes 8 seconds with the iron (tested). According to the company, they will last 10 years (not tested yet….). You can choose different colors and small pics for decoration. Very important thing: they use unharmful Oeko Tex inks. Yeah I know I often bore you with that stuff but it is important.

OK, it is quite a revolution to me but I am not the first to discover those labels. During summer I was chatting with a friend of mine and told her about them thinking I would impress her: she answered “yeah A qui S labels, I already use them….”hue…., yeah, that’s it”

Anyway, spread the news: you will surely make some of your friends VERY happy and thankful!!!!

etiquette thermocollante made in france a qui s

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