Knitwear made by grannies: Mamy Factory

23 January 2014

mamy factory tricot diy fabrication française

That’s a NICE idea! Our grannies are most of the time very gifted to knit very nice things: Mamy Factory employs grannies to knit their children wear and so allows them to feel useful and proud about what they do , about their know-how; AND it’s for us a great occasion to buy using our conscience. That’s Mamy Factory’s concept: more than just Made in France. What about the wool they use? well, it’s made in France wool.

What about the style? well in my opinion, not drippy at all: it’s very nice, made with nice colors! I personally have a very gifted grandma, you know like Doctor of knitting, of embroidery, etc.. but I have to be VERY careful about colors she uses, so I buy the wool and She knits it!!!! But don’t worry, you dont have to use your own wool with Mamy Factory….

Where? Mamy Factory has an e-shop and a show-room in Paris. So for the style AND the concept: go go go!!!

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