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27 July 2016

robe longue ete style hippie blog mode

When looking at this picture, I just have one word that comes: “perfect”. Not talking about me of course! There is first of all the stunning Santorini, this incredible view, this perfect wind that refreshes me just right,  an unprepared photo just taken with my mobile, and a summer light and long dress as I love.

It’s been years that I bought this cotton and silk dress. I truly love it, like most of its fellows. Long summer dress is really a kind of holidays uniform to me. At first because it’s SO comfortable: it’s a little bit like being nacked, except that it’s far much better than being nacked as it protects the body from heat: panties and that’s it, no bra; and also because I find it’s beautiful. This was previoulsy called a hippie dress refering to seventies and it’s now called gypset.

Besides, if I could make it more perfect, as on this picture, I would walk barefoot with it, like Bardot in Capri or at la Madrague, but I have to admit that I have delicate feet, not gypset at all indeed. I’m a little bit like the princess of the pea for feet, it sucks.

I also wore that dress when I was pregnant for the second time. It’s just perfect as pregnancy clothes: it does not tighten the belly and it makes you look beautiful.

What about you: do you like long summer dresses? Do you have a favorite in your dressing?

Made in France: Gas Bijoux bracelet/ Gérard Darel dress, Chie Mihara sandals

robe longue ete style hippie chic blog moderobe longue fluide ete imprime gerard darelrobe longue soie gerard darelrobe longue ete gypset blogueuse mode

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