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Ma P’tite Culotte: fun underwear

9 June 2014

ma ptite culotte made in france chipie
Big crush today on the blog for a brand I just discovered: Ma P’tite Culotte underwear. Fun and offbeat made in France lingerie different from what we know: little lace, a little bit like DIM but sexier, a very good communication plan that makes panties sooo cool again!

The idea of Ma P’tite Culotte is innovate in the world of lingerie and to break free from lace and frills and to reunite glamour and humour to rejuvenate our underwear.

Culotte (panties?) is a very old-fashioned french word. That makes the thing cooler I think. Culottes are back I’m telling you!!!

PS: just in case you wonder: this bottom is not mine ; ))

ma ptite culotte lingerie made in france

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