Marcel French Cocotte: news !

22 May 2016

It’s been 1,5 month already that I launched French Cocotte on the blog! With this 2 mini videos (put the sound on otherwise it’s weird) that you might have seen on Facebook and Instagram I wanted to thank you all for your warm welcome! It’s a crazy, crazy, crazy adventure, believe me!

So now you’ve seen the small goodie I put in the parcel for each order: a lovely cake in the shape of the real Marcel French Cocotte handmade by Carole of Maison Germain.

As I explained, Marcel is manufactured in France in limited edition, and we are going to be out of stock very soon for the French Cocotte model. Meanwhile I decided to participate my very first vide-dressing, in Paris very soon: I’ll tell you more abou this so you should susribe to the newsletter if you haven’t yet! As I was eager tobring Marcel with me, I decided to launch a new very small production. So if you want to wear Marcel this summer and if you want to be part of “#teamfrenchcocotte, you have to decide quickly !…

Besides I had a few messages from people who were surprised by the fact that there were only 2 models of Marcel on the e-shop. Yes, I preferred to do things step by step, especially because no one was expecting me on that field, neither did I only 1 year ago…The idea of Marcel came naturally to me: very frenchie, easy to wear, perfect for summer, of course I have tons of ideas, and some of them  couldn’t come true because of the lack of reactivity of some suppliers, but you can be sure that I’m preparing some surprises!

There you know everything my little French Cocotte, I hope you like thoses weird videos ! Talk to you soon for new adventures!…

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