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Marylin Diorific nail polish

9 February 2014

vernis à ongles diorific marylin

Here is the Marylin Diorific nail polish: a real jewel you won’t hide in a cupboard. Its name suits it very well: it’s a classical and yet timeless red, so far away from nail art.

50 shades of red: I will soon write such an article, as it looks as if I was starting a collection!! A orange red Chanel polish or a Givenchy blue red. It’s a colour I often wear in winter, as it’s beautiful with many other colors. And I must admit that I’m quite lazy so I like to keep my manicure 5 days If you see what I mean…

This jewel bottle is a slightly bigger than other polishes; but I must admit it won’t change anything as I NEVER finished a polish bottle! If one day Dior and other cosmetics brands decides to release mini-bottles, I will spare money! But I doubt this day will occur…

vernis à ongles diorific bijou made in france

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