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Mascara Grandiôse: before-after

19 February 2015

mascara grandiose lancome col de cygne

You saw it in all women magazines: you could not miss it: it’s the winter star mascara: Lancôme Grandiôse. It looks very feminine, its brush hasn’t a common shape and it promises length, curve, and volume. So, I decided to test this famous mascara. Since I created a beauty category for the blog, you’ll find more and more cosmetics tests, reviews, etc… So, ready?!

mascara grandiose lancome volumemascara grandiose lancome test beaute

Mascara Grandiôse Lancôme: use

Material is nice and the brush shape makes it easy to apply. Fanned-out lashes: check! The wand (swanneck) and the cone-shaped brush allow you to grab all lashes from the roots. Brush is also made of a kind of silicone which makes applying even easier.

Mascara Grandiôse Lancôme: verdict

As far as length is concerned, I agree with the product promise as I just said above.

Curve: OK, agreed

Volume: ouch, I don’t agree on that point. For sure, lashes have more volume than if they are natural, but if you buy it to have a volume effect you’ll be deceived…others make a better job for that. Anyway, I’m not sure that it’s possible to do both effects. I do highly recommend it to open your eyes, to make a fresh and natural look. If I want to have a smoky eye, I’ll use another one.

What about you? Did you try it too?

Mascara Grandiôse Lancôme

mascara grandiose lancome test cosmetiques blog beautemascara grandiose lancome test cosmetiques blog beaute

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