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Midi in Marseille

12 November 2014

jupe midi rodier made in france

Here goes my Rodier midi skirt, which is made in France and which I love: it’s so Mad Men! As we are on a fashion blog, I showed it to you in a different style this time.

I could not resist: I wanted to test it with my brand new Repetto Michael loafers. A skirt like this one makes you feel really girly; I feel like as was a child as I checked if my new skirt could properly turn before I decided if it was a nice one or not.

Let’s forget the midi skirt: you may have recognized the MUCEM in Marseille? Last month, we left to the Côte d’Azur to enjoy the sun a little bit more. What a nice place to discover! I admit it: it was only leisure tourism as I did not even visit the museum: I only tested the bar on the terrace, hum hum! OK, I’m sure that many people do the same, don’t they? Let me mention that prices are surprisingly very affordable.

Another tip: I tried a very good restaurant close to the vieux port: les buvards: not a touristic place: very good homemade food and nice service. If I may quibble, I was just surprised that they propose only one wine by the glass as it’s more or less like also like a wine bar…

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