Military Jacket and patches

10 May 2016

idees customiser veste militaire kaki blog mode

After the do-it-yourself, here comes the look! Since I customized my old military jacket, I am happy to wear it again: it’s the jacket I am currently wearing the most. Considering the weather,, it’s perfect now! A few patches and here comes a new jacket, far less classical!

As I said on the DIY post, with patches, the only limit is your imagination: you can customize your T-Shirts, sweaters, your cat, and so on! EXCEPT your French Cocotte top which is already embroidered, yesss job is already done: great isn’t it?!

You may recognize the cheapest made in France shopping bag: 10€ who says better? It’s perfect! On the market, on the beach, I can put lots of things in it and when my shopping bag is empty, I can put it in my pocket! Perfect, I said.

I hope you’ll tell me if my DIY inspired you and now I have to go and dance for the sun: no, I’m not desparate: spring is gonna come!

Made in France: Médecine Douce necklace, Gas Bijoux bracelets, Filt shopping bag, Maison Boinet leather cuff / Gérard Darel silk shirt, La Redoute jacket, IRO jeans, Patricia Blanchet pumps

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