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21 December 2016

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Early december I talked to you about my collaboration with Devernois, historical knitwear brand. This is their very first Lab capsule: oversize dresses and sweaters, with strong prints and punchy colors. Hurry up: these made in France sweaters and dresses are only available during december on their e-shop

In my first blog post, I talked to you about how this collaboration came, and today, I want to tell you more about backstage.

There were 2 shootings: the first one with photographer Justine Jugnet with whom I already worked for French Cocotte and the second one with Noël Bourrat whom I met for the first time.

Devernois shooting with Justine Jugnet:

We mat at the Café Gourmet Jeannine & Suzanne in Lyon 2ème with Justine and Marion who is Devernois Community Manager. avec Justine et Marion, Community Manager pour Devernois. But….it was pouring rain ! A so dull and bad weather ! It was very diffficult for Justine to shoot with so little light. I brought outfits and shoes to match with Devernois sweaters and dresses, and I had to change my self in the back of the Café. What a mess with all the open suitcases ! Tights, pumps, jewels, jeans, socks, etc, etc…

Work was different from the one on the blog or for French Cocotte where I have to think about the shooting way before, I do the artistic direction, I pose, etc…Here my job was to fit in Devernois and Marion vision. Besides I smile much more here than on my own shootings ! It’s not an easy thing to smile in front of a camera: have you ever tried ?? It’s difficult for me, so no choice, to keep it natural, and to avoid me to look tense – weird, I have to really laugh: this was one of Marion’s jobs.

Concerning Sophie, the owner of Café Gourmet, she kindly let us put our mess all around, let us shoot glued to the bay window to catch as much light as we could, but there wasn’t any. Frankly, I was afraid of the result before I got the photos. and yet, for this shooting, my favourite pictures are the ones taken in the backroom, with less light.

devernois collection made in france partenariat blogueuse modedevernois blogueuse audrey mode en france

Devernois Shooting with Noël Bourrat:

This time the idea was a street style shooting in Lyon streets. We were really lucky because that day, it was really sunny. But this means it was cold too, and to be honest at the end of the day, after having changed my outfits in Café toilets, all shootings, poses with light sweaters, I was so frozen that I did not remember how to smile. I went home like  #donotdisturb and a warm bath was my supreme reward.

Back to the shooting: I never met Noël before and it takes me time to feel at ease with someone I never shot. But after 2 outifts, we found our way and it was great. Marion was also there to make me laugh, choose the outfits and to find together with Noël the best places.

What I can say as a conclusion, is that I had a lot of fun for this collaboration, shootings; I’m proud of the work we made together. I’d like to thank Devernois for their confidence, Marion and Sandrine for the collaboration, Noël and Justine for their work and the time we spent together.

Thanks to you all, I await your comments !

Pictures: Justine Jugnet & Noël Bourrat / Thanks to  Jeannine et & Suzanne for the welcome and patience

Post made in collaboration with Devernois

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