Mother and daughter: mariniere

6 June 2017

vestiaire mere fille mariniere made in france

Oh, it’s been really a while since I’ve talked about mariniere here… The idea came to me as I saw my younger daughter and I dressed like this. As you can imagine, the way we dress our kids says a lot about our relationship to clothes, fashion and image, I may talk about this here one day. So, of course, since there were babies, my daughters have been wearing marinieres: there have cotton marinieres or Armor Lux woolen sweaters. I love them so much !

I had a crush for this Saint James mariniere 2 years ago and I still love it a lot.

I often thought about making my own French Cocotte mariniere, but for now, I didn’t as I did not get THE idea. And I also have to admit that it’s a masterpiece of the French style, so we don’t laugh with that. When I say mariniere, I straight away think to Coco Chanel Bardot or Jean-Paul Gautier. Did you know that lines width and spaces are strictly defined in an official regulation of the French Navy ?!

To talk about french manufacture, mine is manufactured in France but nothing is specified on my daughter’s. I think it’s not. If you want a made in France mariniere, you have to carefully read the labels and so don’t rely only on the brand !

Well, well, watching these photos make me want to be on the beach again, so I just want one thing: travel again !!! I may have a kind of chronic “travelitis”, who knows ? Besos !

mariniere made in france mere fille armor lux saint jamesmariniere made in france mere fille look blogueuse

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