My video shooting with Cassandre

29 September 2015

tournage de clip cassandre ma révolution

It’s almost 6 years to the day that I lived and shared a beautiful experience during a week-end: the video shooting of Ma Révolution by Cassandre, and I wanted to tell you about. If you follow me, you know that I some times ago I invited Pier on the blog to highlight made in France men’s fashion.


To get back to the video clip: first obvious things are of course the incredible dress and coat designed by Eymeric François. When Pier and Flo asked me to join them on the clip, I was of course surprised and honored. Of course, I accepted immediately! Then Pier told me he would send me some pictures of the outfits I would have to wear: he wanted to have my opinion. OH MY GOD! When I opened the files at home I screamed a way that I still can remember: like I’m 5 years old again and I can wear a “Marie-Antoinette dress“. Then the script became a detail, I would have learn to walk on hands if I had to!

After this great moment of lonely euphoria, a few weeks pass and here we are gathered on the set, on the countryside for 3 days. Meanwhile I had to send my measurements to adjust the dress.

The video shoot:

I am SO focused! I never shot anything and I don’t want to be the one who will screw up everything because she’s can’t play the role. Pier et Flo are very concentrated but benevolent and the video shoot is going well. I only refuse one thing: to wear 12 cm high heels to run down the stairs and out into the grass. I keep my good old Camper under my petticoats.

And as time flies, I start to relax. At least in my head because my poor body suffers. To close this damn corset, they need to be at least 2 or sometimes 3 (depends if it’s before or after meal…) Impossible to breathe normally when you wear this thing, so respect to you Marie-Antoinette! Well, we learned later that Eymeric did not resize the dress. so no wonder!.. The worst is that I can’t enjoy the delicious catering!

The team:

Céline, Maryline and Dorothée  are doing a great job and good food is more than welcome as we are cold and tired. Actually I don’t enjoy it that much as closing the corset is OK at 8 am but after lunch it’s just the horror show. Besides if you want to see more on behind the scenes, you can have a look on the making-of: you’ll see that the bustier is often untied!

It’s sunday evening:

Il est dimanche soir: this is the end: what a great experience out of time with the whole team! We can’t wait to discover the result, but patience: we will have to wait a few weeks.

Since then, Cassandre released a new version of Ma Révolution vidéo Clip.

Concerning Cassandre, they will be very soon in concert:

– saturday 3rd October in Paris at the Divan du Monde

– saturday 28 november in Saint-Etienne at the FIL

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