Nice Papers

28 November 2014

papier tigre papeterie made in france

I like, I’ve always like nice stationery. As I was younger, I always had nice writing paper. But as I don’t write any letters at all (such a shame) I write to myself!

I mean I take notes on lovely  notebooks I always carry in my bag or which lie around on my desk. Among them I use one from Papier Tigre to note my ideas and inspirations for the blog: their products are manufactured in France; they are made out of recycled paper. Their graphic design will make you start a collection!

Over the past years, I used to offer books as I liked the idea of a gift meaning low impact on the environment. I naively thought that all paper products were manufactured and printed in France. MISTAKE!!! For example, all the books I bought for my daughters were printed in China. This means a huge carbon footprint.

So now I always check it and choose the lowest solution if I have the choice.

Papier Tigre notebook, Bianca and Family straw, Bakker made with Love pencil case, Weiss chocolates (made in Saint Etienne, yummy!) papier tigre papeterie made in francepapier tigre papeterie made in francepapier tigre papeterie made in france

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