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18 October 2015

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It’s been a while that I did not organize a contest! OK, I proise I will make it up to you: surprises arrive very soon on the blog. Meanwhile, today I propose you to win this Sephora nude eyepalette: a hot make-up trend this winter! And this is made in France of course.

So, how to play? If you follow me on social networks, youmight have seen that I participate in the Golden Blog Awards. Aaaa, you see me coming with my clogs, right?! Yes, I’ve been asking you to vote for my blog for almost 2 weeks and some of you have been supporting me very kindly. So I thought this would be nice to launch this contest to please one of you!

Why participate in the Golden Blog Awards?

This is the most important blogging event in France. Winning this contest could afford to increase the visibility of the blog to reach new readers and thus giving me the means to offer you more relevant content.

Why am I asking you to support my blog?

I assume that if you are a recurrent reader, you surely appreciate the blog! And well, if you are new, your review means a lot to me as well and I will appreciate your support to its fair value.

The rules:

Contest from 18th october until 25th october 2015. Raffle amongt those who voted for my blog (the more you vote, the better your chances of winning: 1 vote per person and per day is allowed)

To vote you just have to click on the link:  and then on the golden square “I vote”on the left-hand side.

Then, I ask you to send me a screenshot of your vote to this mail address:

Draw will be held on Monday, 26 among the emails received.

Good luck and thank you for your votes!

NB: if you have questions, please feel free to post a comment. I’ll get back to you very quickly.

If you don’t know how to make a screen shot, you’ll find easily how to do it in a search engine.

You can send me your emails every day or just once as you like.

EDIT 30 october 2015: Amandine Sauret is the Winner: Thanks to everyone for your kind support

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