Oldies but Goodies !

21 February 2017

robe createur xuly bet made in france

Every season, we all want new stuff (shoes, clothes, jewels, etc…) that we really need. But in our dressing, they are some we don’t want to get rid of. This is my case: no more fashionable ? So what ! First of all there is a good chance that they will be fashionable again one day;  on the other hand, we love them so it’s enough to keep them, and it’s precisely that which makes our oufits original: THE good mix! That’s why I wanted to talk about “oldies” today: those so-called old clothes that actually aren’t.

This is the case of this maxi dress: I bought it 15 years ago ! On sale, I was so happy: I was still a student and this was my first designer piece: Xuly Bët. It was not overpriced at all, and so original ! And 15 years after, I can say: so qualitative !! This dress sums up the way I buy clothes: 100% at heart stroke, 200% for the pleisure, and 10% for utility. That’s why I have so few basic clothes in my dressing !

To give a second life to our old clothes, we can customise them. It will occupy you during a rainy sunday and make sure that you have unique clothes.

I admit that I love these old clothes so much, than I don’t see how much they have aged. I sometimes wear a sweater, a scarf, a handbag and I suddenly realise that time has really come to get rid of them !

Happy she who kept her old Levi’s 501 (or those of her mother), her Guns and Roses T-Shirts, her old Doc Martens, or vintage clothes she would get from her grand mother. Pride to wear something than others can’t buy: “no, sorry, it’s vintage”.

To end my little story for today, this post made we want to know what Xuly Bët became since then: designer Lamine Kouyaté relaunched the brand, and I discovered that his clothes are manufactured in France ! it was just destiny….Have a look: there are great stuff ! Look at this sequin teddy !!!

robe pull xuly bet paris made in france lamine kouyategarder nos vieilles fringues conseils blog modevieilles fringues vintage a la mode blogueusemixer vetements vintage et nouveautes conseils moderobe pull longue moulante blog moderobe pull longue moulante col roule blog mode


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