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Opéra Bouffe

17 April 2015

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Last saturday a friend of mine proposed me to have dinner at the Opera Bouffe in Lyon. You have to know that from now, you’ll find my recommendations and discoveries in a dedicated category on the blog.

I must say that it’s quite astoning that I never heard about this restaurant before. Opéra Bouffe proposes quite refine italian food with a good value-price ratio: the whole menu costs 29€ served with a good bio bread.

I appreciated everything like my friend I must say. I particularly liked the fact that they serve italian wines only: french people sometimes lack of curiosity as far as foreign wines are concerned…To tone it down on one point: I regret that they don’t serve glass wines on saturday nights: I had to choose the same wine as my friend, but I would have preferred to drink red wine whereas she chose a white one (live my life of boozehound oenophile…)

Service is kind without being friendly (like often in Lyon actually!) Decoration is nice and reminds the opera: piano at the entrance, smooth lighting and velvet red curtain to frame the open kitchen. I found this idea very nice at one exception: as I was eating my dessert, I found the roasting kid smell a little bit disturbing but it’s a detail.

As I often say I: your own good adresses and recommendations are more than welcome on the blog!


2bis rue Verdi
69001 Lyon

Tel : 04 78 30 64 02

PS: sorry for the bad picture quality but I don’t want to attract attention when I test a restaurant: I prefer to use my mobile phone and to look like a compulsive instagram user…

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