Beautiful France

1 week on Ré Island

27 June 2017

visiter ile de re jolies facades fleuries blog voyage

Ah, Re Island… A revelation for me. Here is what comes to me when I think of Re: beautiful, genuine, chic but not bling, sweet to live, preserved. Now, you know: I love Re Island. So, I wanted to make a small guide for you to discover Re in one week or more ! Continue Reading…


Contest: let’s celebrate Summer !

22 June 2017

concours ete blog made in france

Summer has come early this year ! I won’t complain I promise; the only problem is that this weather makes me want to fly away everyday. To celebrate this nice period of holidays – chill out – rosé wine, I invited 4 made in France brands to spoil you. Let me tell you more about this summer contest !  Continue Reading…


Girls shopping: 8 summer dresses

13 June 2017

robe fillette made in france mademoiselle a pau

Hum hum, sorry, I did not write a lot here in this category dedicated to made in France stuffs for kids. Yet summer has come now, and I suddenly decided to make a selection just for you: 8 summer dresses for girls which are manufactured in France. All crushes !I was very careful to select natural materials only, because it’s essential for me ! Continue Reading…


Mother and daughter: mariniere

6 June 2017

vestiaire mere fille mariniere made in france

Oh, it’s been really a while since I’ve talked about mariniere here… The idea came to me as I saw my younger daughter and I dressed like this. As you can imagine, the way we dress our kids says a lot about our relationship to clothes, fashion and image, I may talk about this here one day. So, of course, since there were babies, my daughters have been wearing marinieres: there have cotton marinieres or Armor Lux woolen sweaters. I love them so much ! Continue Reading…


70s Babe

23 May 2017

t-shirt femme blanc made in france french cocotte

70s Babe ! Well, if you already know me, you may know that I’m clearly a 70s Babe, both literally and figuratively ! So I had to imagine a T-Shirt that screams my love for those years, inevitably. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, here comes, tadam…70s Babe T-Shirt by French Cocotte. Continue Reading…

Make up

Radiant make-up

21 May 2017

New video is on !! And you are gonna ask where the hell I’ve been. Well, every, everywhere, but not on that blog obviously. I made thousands of things for French Cocotte, the blog and now I’m back ! Thanks to all of you who came to see me on exhibitions, it was so cool !! And apart from all this: here is my looking good make-up tutorial. To sum up: it’s my fav make-up to get rid of winter which lingers too long this year. Continue Reading…


French Cocotte: 70s or 80s Babe ?

16 May 2017

t shirt french cocotte fabrication francaise style vintage

Oh, oh, THANKS, THANKS a million for your warm welcome to my last Collection “On dirait le Sud“. Brigitte and Jane Tops are sold out…Well, as summer hasn’t arrived yet, I organised a restocking. But not only, because I wanted to introduce you my brand new model: 70s Babe or 80s Babe T-Shirt: you shall choose your team ! Continue Reading…


White Jane

25 April 2017

top dentelle volants french cocotte made in france

It rustles here at French Cocotte ! As you truly l-o-v-e-d Victoire body suit, it made me understand something: You, women, are crazy about lace (OK, I mean “in general”: I’m not saying that ALL of you love lace of course).  Continue Reading…


On dirait le sud

4 April 2017

top volants fabrication francaise french cocotte

French Cocotte spring collection has arrived ! Well, not all the collection, as pretty things are about to come soon. It’s a 100% made in France collection, dedicated to south of France, to the sun, to warm days.  Softness, nonchalance, timeless clothes. And still beautiful materialsContinue Reading…

Make up

Easy nailart

26 March 2017

An easy tiny video tutorial today: nail art for the (not) gifted (like me). I’m always amazed by some nail arts which seem to be made with a laser machine or some nuclear precision instrument. Congrats girls. I personally know how to apply my nail polish without putting some on my nose, I can do a french manucure without stencil, draw lovely dots on my nails: that’s it.  Continue Reading…

Shopping Eng

Short Wedding Dresses

21 March 2017

robe mariee courte chic dentelle selection

Last year, my post on designers wedding dresses was a hit (no, I don’t even exaggerate, so that I even wondered if my readers were all about to get married…) Hum, I suspected some of you to have read it just by curiosity, to dream a little bit (yeah, even if getting married doesn’t tempt us at all, we love wedding dresses).  Certainly some reminiscences of childhood I bet. So this year, I wanted to make a shopping-list of made in France short wedding dresses. I realised that it’s still rare. For civil weddings, this can be a good alternative for those who don’t want to wear a long dress. Continue Reading…