Praline pie

23 February 2015

emile henry céramique fabriqué en france

Monday: would like some sweetness to start the week? I photographed the praline pie I made this week-end in my brand new Emile Henry dish. OK, you know it already, Emile Henry is one of my favorite made in France brands. I do really like their colors: some are bright, others are pastel: you want to have them all, don’t you?

Just to let you know: on New Year’s Eve, one of my friend massacred a Tefal dish of mine when cutting the pie directly inside. I wasn’t as upset as expected: I had a good excuse to throw it away and to go to Emile Henry and buy a nice ceramic pie dish: much safer for health! Now I have to butter the dish again, but I don’t mind, and for some who don’t like it, you can still use greaseproof paper…

Pink praline is a specialty from the Lyon region: in Romans sur Isère (Drôme) they use them to cook their famous brioche (pogne), Pralus uses them for his famous Praluline (you have to try, also with chocolate drops!) and you also have some in Saint Genix sur Guiers (Savoie).

plat à tarte emile henry en céramique made in francerecette tarte aux pralines rose lyon

Here comes my receipe:

You have to do (or to buy) a sweet shortcrust pastry

300g pralines

25cl double cream

30g icing sugar

You have to bake the pastry (around 15 minutes at 175°C after having covered it with ceramic balls or dried beans. Let it cool down.

You have to crush pralines (as much as you like). I crushed them just a little. Put them in a pan with double cream and icing sugar. Cook it until you reach 110°C (within around 15 minutes). Be careful, it can easily burn.

Then you pour it on the cooked pastry. Let it cool down and put it in the fridge around 2 hours. It tastes better if you serve it at room temperature.


Emile Henry dish

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