Pretty natural curls

28 October 2018

I made this video to give you my tips I use to boost and define my curls. If you don’t have afro or curl hair, you can’t reallt understand how difficult and long it may be to finally love your hair. 

I feel that many girls who have curly hair first go through the stage “I hate my hair : dadn mom, what did you do ?! I did it ! It took me almost 40 years to finally start loving my hair. Enzymotherapy helped me lately, because now I can choose between straight and curly hair : such a dream !

During all these years, I made all possible mistakes : combing my hair every morning, burning them with cheap afro hair straightening products, wanting bangs, smoothing them with products that made them flat, etc, etc…in the end, I wore most of the time tied hair !

As you will see on the video, I quicly understood I had to feed my curly hair, finding the right products wasn’t easy though. So, I give you here my girl with curly hair tips, and if you have some, please SHARE in comments, I am soooo interested !


My outfit :

Sézane shirt, Maje velvet pants

Products shown in this video :

Made in France :

DESSANGE sensitized hair Protective Washing Milk, CIEL d’AZUR LABS Pur Aloé

Others :

RAHUA Classic Shampoo, AVEDA Damage Remedy restructuring conditioner


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