Reine Mère Design

5 June 2014

reine mere edition design made in france ardoise patereI found a design company which makes ethical and ecological choices: Reine Mère Design(Queen Mum).Their products are made in France with an ethical and ecological conception.

For example Reine Mere Design works with help centers for the disabled. I don’t know what you think or do with your decoration objects, but I must say that if I really love trinkets and so on, I more and more ask myself about the meaning of my purchases and above all about the impact. That’s how I save money by the way! And that’s how I invented myself a new way of shopping and choosing the objects I want around me.

For my kitchen and my family daily to-do list I bought this slate with a nice wooden hook. For you I erased my shopping list and drew my favourite cock ; )

reine mere edition design made in france ardoise patere

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