Saint James Jacket

10 November 2012

gilet homme saint james fabriquée en france

That’s how the story of my fashion blog dedicated to French manufacturing began: with this men‘s Saint James jacket.

Two years ago, I was looking for a nice woolen jacket for my man for a Christmas gift. Everything I found was very expensive and not of good quality! I was just desperate!!!

I was walking through the streets thinking I could never find the gift I hopped as I found myself in front of the Saint James shop. I must admit I had never been there before, as it was just outmoded for me! And surprise! I found this top quality  made in France woolen jacket and far less expensive than the others jackets I refused to buy earlier: 115 euros compared to at least 180 euros.

Since then, I’ve bought several Saint James pullovers there and I can testify of their high quality standards. Anyway, that is how I began to be a conscious shopper

Just one more thing: Saint James is a village located in France (Manche, 50), and has to be pronounced saint jâme and not as the english name James!

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