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Shirt: Anne Fontaine

6 April 2014

anne fontaine les precieuses made in france

The Story of Anne Fontaine brand is build around an iconic piece: the white shirt. Anne Fontaine continues to reinvent the famous white shirt each season. 

For more than 20 years, Anne Fontaine has been designing shirts. I personally felt that there needed just a touch of epure to find a new touch: it’s done now! And as she seems to be punishing me for not having succumbed to her too frill shirts, the lovely Anne Fontaine decided to close down her shop in Lyon last year, just when I decided to check it by myself as I saw very nice models in magazines…too bad

It may reminds you about Rodier and the youth serum given by the talented designer Emilie Luc-Duc. But it is here slightly different. Rodier has become so old-school and has been before renewing itself!

Just note that the Précieuses collection is manufactured in France and enhances craft and know-how.

As far as the rest of the collection is concerned, I love the Charlie’s Angels style for some models: it’s the 2014  Jacklyn Smith!

anne fontaine les precieuses made in france

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