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14 February 2017

chevaliere femme or argent made in france

Women signet rings are back ! And you can now find signet rings of all styles and materials, so it makes it easier to find your own. Personally, I have not yet succombed, although I sometimes really love some of those rings in fashion series or on Instagram. 

So, I made some virtual shopping just for you and I prepared a shopping-list of made in France signet rings: styles and prices for everybody ! Let’s go:

Made in France signet rings:

  1. Achille signet ring Margi Darika , vermeil 390€. I did not know this brand (which proves I do real searches for my shopping-lists !). Jewels are manufactured in France, in the brand workshop.
  2. Oval signet ring Adeline Cacheux, sterling silver and 18K gold, 490€. Adeline Cacheux refined and even graphic jewels are handmade in her Parisian workshop.
  3. Nomade signet ring Daphné Dasque sterling silver 395€. Rock and folk jewels which are handmade in Paris.
  4. Fil Diamants de Rosée pink gold and  Signet Ring Guérin Joaillerie & Véronique Leroy, 850€.
  5. Drakkar signet ring Cécile Pic, plated gold, 125€. I personally truly love her jewels that she manufactures in her workshop based in Biarritz.
  6. Lulu signet ring Pascale Monvoisin, silver 505€. What can I say ? I am a big fan of Pascale Monvoisin, and….I’m not the only one !
  7. Nemours signet ring Emmanuelle Zysman, hammered vermeil and yellow diamond, 290€. I really like Emmanuelle Zysman jewelry for its antique touch.
  8. Pompon signet ring Ambre et Louise, plated gold 229€. Again, a nice discovery that I made while I was searching for this shopping-list.
  9. Charlie signet ring, Monsieur Paris, vermeil 180€. These jewels are handmade in Paris: I discovered this brand at the very beginning of the blog, and I truly love them.

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