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20 September 2013

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That’s my new face: a brand new pixie hair cut! After having forgotten them during 9 months because of pregnancy*, I REALLY needed some change…I firstly intended to have my usual keratin threatment made by my usual  hairdresser, but in fact I then wanted to cut everything! Without saying a word to my man, I searched on the web for inspiration. I’m a huge fan of Robin Wright’s new short hair cut, BUT: we don’t have the same face shape, so I showed Sally (my hairdresser) two pictures: one of Robin Wright (I had to!) and another which was closer from what I could expect regarding my face and my hair.

Sally was chocked and then was under stress while she was cutting my hair. She asked me if my man knew about my project (no,why?!) I am not the kind of girl that goes under stress when hairdresser begins to cut. Finally, I did not get any keratin threatment, as the  salon’s boss told me my hair would then be too short, so she just made an X Tenso.

A short reminder if you dont know how it looks like having short hair in everyday life:

– in my opinion, it may be more demanding than having long hair, because with long hair you can always make a bun or a pony tail if you don’t want to do them (=me every morning!)

– benefit: your hair need less masks and treatment than long hair

– you have to refresh your hair cut every 2 months (you have to keep this in mind considering money)

– when you get up, you often look like a porcupine…

– I personally feel like I have to use more make-up otherwise I would look less feminine.

– Oh! and please also note that some men still think feminity = long hair, so keep that in mind (or not!)

* keratin threatment is made with keratin as it says but also with formaldehyde (formol) which is considered as being carcinogenic. You find formaldehyde in lots of products or objects like furniture. So as far as I am concerned, while being pregnant I prefer to be cautious.

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