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Sixties lover: Courrèges

17 March 2014

robe courreges fabriquee en france

Courreges is back! Courreges is one of the most iconic brands of French Fashion in the sixties. I like, (I truly love!) sixties style. As a teenager, I was dreaming of Diana Rigg (Emma Peel) outfits in the Avengers: her perfect boots, her dresses or of the close-fitting suits. Courreges is this style: so unique, so recognizable, which has come right through 50 years!

Courrèges: still made in France:

Courrèges is manufactured in France: the brand has had ups and downs over the years, but it is now coming back and still manufactured in France (Pau). The brand has been purchased about 2 years ago.

Courrèges style:

André Courrèges invented a new way of dressing oneself, a style more than a fashion. If you go on Courrèges website, you’ll love everything! As you know, I’m really enthusiastic when a historical brand manages to modernise itself without denying its roots: it’s the most difficult to do, but it’s how it works!

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