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Spots: SOS!

9 March 2015

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Today on the blog, we’ll chat about beauty, or rather about spots. And also about a product I just randomly discovered: A-Derma Cytelium, a french cosmetics brand.

Spots: a nightmare, public enemies! But, I won’t talk about my spots, as I don’t know what it is. Spots for me are more like Karl Lagerfeld having a laugh in public or like finding a friendly service in a Parisian café: within living memory no one ever saw this. Let me reassure you before you start hating me: I have other skin concerns!

So, how can I talk about spots?? Chickenpox just arrived!!! My older daughter has had it since last Thursday and now I’m awaiting the boomerang effect: chickenpox for my younger daughter: O happiness (=then it’s over for good) O despair (=let me sleeeeeeeeep!!!!) On the phone, before meeting him, doctor recommended me to use Cytelium: did not that product. So I went to the pharmacy and so I discovered it was an A-Derma product.

I can now testify: this product kicks out spots VERY quickly. Today, grandparents came to visit and they were like: “Is THIS Chickenpox?! She does not have a lot of spots!” Yeah, thanks I know, after having conscentiously sprayed, dried kissed her during 72 hours….. Thanks WHO? Thanks Mummy (and….Cytelium).

PS: I was talking about Chickenpox but this product is surely also very good against all types of spots

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