Straight, straight, straight

26 January 2016

I am back today with a new video. No tutorial this time: I’m rather sharing my experience. If there is one area where I could have a PhD (except german studies, YES!) is hair straightening. I tried everything, spent a lot of money, crossed seas: I practiced; so, if you’re OK with that, today I’m doing my girl with curly hair coming-out.  

As far as I can remember, I always hated my hair: I wanted lovely curls, sublime straight hair, to have a fringe (ha ha, good joke),  midlength haircut (LOL). But no, Mother Nature decided that I would have a huge tuft of infalted hair, lawless hair (not really frizzy but even less curly: just troublesome in fact).

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one in this situation, so, I tought that a small focus on straightening, japanese or brazilian smoothing might be interesting!

Your own stories are more than welcome!

Made in France: Devernois Claudius jacket, Médecine Douce necklace / Petit Bateau T-shirt

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