The One-Piece

30 July 2015

maillot de bain une pièce femme

Big issue in summer: how to choose a swimsuit? Yes, french women are those who buy more swimsuits in the world! Well, it’s not me who push the average as I am quite loyal in the area especially when I found my dream swimsuit. One thing was sure until this year: I only had 2 pieces swimsuits. But, this year to Crete, I brought in my bag a made in France one-piece: black, classical, but chic. Well, my conclusion is: if you want to be unique on the beach: wear a one-piece swimsuit! In 15 days, I searched in vain, stalk: not a single girl wearing a one-piece. Ah, sorry: MY daughter but she is 3 years old: does it count?!

Indeed it seemed to me after a few days that people noticed my swimsuit. At first, it is black so quite lonely amongst neon and various patterns, and moreover there weren’t no others in its category! My man told me he noticed it too.

We have to admit that designers made a great job and one-piece swimsuit is no more tacky. Besides, you are not forced to choose: I had brought both! It also can be nice if you use it as a top on shorts or on a gipsy skirt: if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen some outfits.

Just for the pleasure, with photos taken at the pool, I added a photo taken at the magnifiscent Balos lagoon (northwest of Crete)…

What do you think about one-piece? Will it be included in your travel bag?

Maison Lejaby  swimsuit: Collection Couture

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