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The right foundation – Color Profile

16 January 2015

fond de teint diorskin star

I don’t know what you think about it, but finding the RIGHT foundation color is hard! Sephora knows it and so they released together with Pantone the color profile to help finding the right pantone color. I decided to go in a shop and test it. Let’s go:

On this picture: I have bear skin (no foundation and no concealer): now you know how I look remaining natural!

test avant après fond de teint color profile

Picture made with the Diorskin star foundation: looks bright and natural:

fond de teint diorskin star color profile

The challenge: find YOUR foundation tone

Until I now, I had bought 2 foundations and I threw both of them away a few months after…

First rotten experience: it was a Guerlain foundation which I bought at Sephora maybe 6 or 7 years ago. The assistant put it on my face, but huge mistake: there were no daylight in the shop and projectors are misleading. So I went back home with this foundation and I found out quickly that its texture was indeed very nice, but it was too dark for me and I looked like I had jumped in the powder box!

Second rotten experience: 2 or 3 years ago, I decided again to find the right foundation so I headed to a MAC shop. The make-up artist applied the product: she found the right color, so I bought it! But, as I was at home, I did not like the texture: not light enough and too dry for my skin. That’s how I abandoned the idea of finding the right foundation.

I must say it’s not a daily product for me. For sure, your skin looks very nice, but I don’t want to get used to look like being 100% flawless. That’s why I use a BB cream.

I sticked to this several years, trying some samples sometimes and that’s it. The problem occurs every winter: my matt complexion turns to yellow-olive and I look like no-believe-me-I’m-fine! Last autumn, as I wanted to look in the best of health, I stopped in a Sephora shop to know more about the famous Color Profile. The assistant explained how it works: she removes the make-up on 2 small areas of the neck and temple, she flashes them with the color profile which takes information, analyses it and gives the corresponding reference for each brand and product. I came back a few days later to do the test.

Make-up removed – flash – analyse: bang! the system gives us 2 references! I look at her very disappointed and inquiring. The (same) assistant explains that variety of choice depends on your complexion. Some women have 20 proposals and others 2…Another problem: the system proposes Marc Jacob’s foundation which appears to be too covering for me. Luckily, the assistant knows her job and she proposes me the corresponding reference at Dior in a more appropriate version. She applies it, we check it in the daylight: BINGO! Color and texture are the right ones!

The moral of the story: technology is great, but the machine can’t do everything by itself. I recommend you to test the color profile AND a good chat with the assistant: you won’t be deceived!

I really would like to know how you do to find the right foundation’s color!

fond de teint diorskin star test

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