Thomas Huriez – 1083 founder

24 November 2013

1083 thomas huriez jeans made in france

I wanted to know more about Thomas Huriez, who had the “crazy” idea to launch a brand of made in France jeans: 1083. A great project!

About you: I am 32 years old, I founded Modetic in 2007. I live in Romans, french capitale of shoes.

Your career: I studied computer science and then I graduated in business. I was hired as IT manager in my own school. I then had the will to devote my time to a coherent plan, consistent with my beliefs: so I opened an ethic shop in 2007 and I founded www.modetic.com in 2010.

How and when was created 1083 project? From 2011 many ethical brands had to face some difficulties and some have even disappeared. We ourselves were going to be in trouble because our offer would impoverish. So we had the idea to launch a range of recycled cotton socks named Modetic and we saw the interest to manufacture this kind of way to propose affordable prices.
I was hit by shoes workshops difficulties and closing downs in Romans: so we took the gamble to manufacture again in France two symbols of offshoring: jeans and shoes.
This project was then named 1083 as this is the distance between the two farthest cities in France: Mentin (south east) and Porspoder (Bretagne)
Your projects: thanks to pre-orders of all who wished to take up the challenge with us (over than 2400 to date!!!) we launched production and even started delivery.
We will also meet knitting workshops. We would like to reuse knitted wool to recycle it. This is pure circular economy: raw materials are collected nearby and it creates local jobs thoughout the suply chain!
The brand will be named “Le Tricolore”.
What do you think about Made in France: I did not think it would be so difficult to weave denim in France whereas it precisely comes from Nîmes! To struggle against this, consumption is a part of the solution, but we have to design nice clothes!
Kokorikoko +: you surely heard or read about human and ecological cost of jeans production in China or Turkey for example. Here you can joint 1083 project: www.facebook.com/1083BorneInFrance. Jeans cost 89€.

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