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Tips for tired or puffy eyes

25 June 2015

blog beaute astuces yeux fatigues gonflés cernes

As far as beauty is concerned, it is not all about glamour and style: we also need SOS tricks. I am giving you one today against tired and swollen eyes. Short night, bad night, tiredness, overheated bedroom: causes may be different. In general, we don’t have much time to solve the problem, so I give you here 3 express tips including one 100% free!!

First tip puffy eyes:

Patches you place under the eye. I currently use Lift & Repair patches by Institut Esthederm. I personally use them occasionally like after a short night, but you can use them as a cure too. I have also used them before my last make-up shooting for the blog: yes, when they wake me up at night, my daughters don’t care if I planned a shooting the day after or not…You place the patch under the eye in clean and dry skin. You massage a bit to make it stick and leave it 5 minutes. You remove it and massage again to penetrate excess product, and you don’t rince of course! My own tip: I put the box in the fridge for a little extra boost effect.

blog beaute astuces yeux gonflés cernes patch yeux institut esthederm

Second tip puffy eyes:

Cornflower water (like Sanoflore), BIO if possible. You apply it with a cotton pad that you leave a few minutes on the eye. You can also use cornflower water in your beauty routine as a daily lotion.

blog beaute eau de bleuet sanoflore astuce yeux gonflés cernes

Third tip:

If you drink tea for breakfast, here comes a super easy and completely free tip! Collect the tea bags and put them in the fridge or freezer a few minutes and then apply on the eyes. If like me you drink looe tea, you can put it in gauze or a compress.

Then a good concealer and you will look perfect! What about you: do you have other tips for tired or swollen eyes?

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