We all want wallpaper!

1 March 2016

bien fait paris papier peint deco fresque

Pfiou! Amazing how we can desire something that we once reviled! Perfect example: wallpaper. Who, 5 years ago, dared to swank with his great wallpaper covered with jungle pattern, exotic birds or that whatnot? 

And did you know you can find nice made in France wallpapers? So I thought I could make a small selection for you (be careful: sensitive souls refrain! But I really love it and I await your comments!)

Wallpaper: come-back

Yes, even if does not please everyone, wallpaper is VERY trendy again. Me for example: I successively renovated 2 house, mais not a single wallpaper until….last summer. Yes, I truly like painting, I love Farrow and Ball and Ressource moods, but I fell for a lovely wallpaper I put in my daughter’s room.

Installing the wallpaper however did not let me fond memories. Whereas I’m quite good handyman (coatings, polished concrete, painting, etc…) there I became mad. I must say that it was a wallpaper with pattern connections and it was on a gable wall, so not an easy thing for a first. After having angrily thrown a few sheets, I thought I should calm down (1 roll costs 100€…) I started again more calmly and everything went well at last!

This is the wallpaper I used: Sian Zeng (made in England):

papier peint sian zeng chambre enfant

Selection of made in France wallpapers:

François Mascarello studio wallpapers: self taught designer and artist designs custom handpainted decors for his clients!

francois mascarello studio papier peint sur mesure fabrique en france

Beauregard Domino wallpaper: modular dominoes printed in France

papier peint domini beauregard paris made in france

Bien Fait Paris wallpapers: I went to the shop in Paris: wow, it’s hard to choose! Bien Fait also proposes custom wallpapers. I had a crush for this Blackbirds scene.

bien fait paris papier peint made in france

Les papiers de Ninon: they design ans print wallpapers in France. I discovered them randomly on Internet. They make various and trendy patterns.

ninon consuela papiers peints made in france

I also wish to add Pierre Frey wallpapers, which are made in Great Britainas their patterns are so nice and inspiring!

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