Wearing denim: large jeans

23 June 2015

veste blanche claudius devernois made in france blog mode

For this second photoshoot dedicated to denim, I wanted to chat about hot trends for 2015 and also show to you another way of wearing jeans.

Which jeans for which morphology?

Good news is that I have the feeling that this year, they aren’t just ONE trendy cut. Everyone can find his, so as every body shape!

Flare Jeans make their huge come-back, while you still find many boyfriend jeans; skinny girl still wear their skinny jeans (youngest ones mostly). Even Mom Jeans are back! Yes the ones you mum was wearing in the early 90s!!! Sorry but this time will be without me, I can’t. But I must admit you’ll find plenty of photos of super stylish girls who can wear them perfectly….Yes I know life is sometimes unfair that’s it.

And me I have done something for which I would have cried foul there 15 years ago: I bought (at Zara) very long flare jeans that I cut to the ankle! Me who only loved too long jeans which finally fray because of wear…If you could have seen faces of the girls attending my sewing classes as they realised what I was doing to my jeans…But I like it, as it expands and cuts my figure a little bit. OK, I must admit that it was also to show my brand new Repetto BIBA for which I had a big crush…

Accessorize your jeans…

Except the jeans, all brands I am wearing here manufacture totally or partly in France. As for this beautiful white jacket that goes well with light jeans, this is a Claudius by Devernois model, so it is entirely designed and made in France. I like the idea of wearing a well-cut jeacket with cool jeans, or even destroyed jeans.

Besides I imagine very well this jacket with well-worn denim shorts: maybe to be followed on the blog…

What is your favorite shape of jeans? What do you think about cutting flare jeans?

Médecine Douce necklace, Petit Bateau linen T-shirt, Claudius by Devernois jacket, Zara jeans, Repetto babies

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