White Jane

25 April 2017

top dentelle volants french cocotte made in france

It rustles here at French Cocotte ! As you truly l-o-v-e-d Victoire body suit, it made me understand something: You, women, are crazy about lace (OK, I mean “in general”: I’m not saying that ALL of you love lace of course). Now I’ve participated to several designer opo-ups, I like to see you like being attracted by lace (it also works with silk) and touching it: a lot of women do so !

Can you imagine that I only began to wear lace with my French Cocotte clothes ? Apart from underwear I mean.  Lace can be very cool: with jeans, leather, military clothes, etc… That’s white Jane Top, clearly one of you fav’ this season: 100% made in France: lace, labels, and making !

Jane Top has a little trick I will reveal today: its gathers. They’re magic and let me tell you why: first of all because thanks to them and despite the openwork lace, Jane Top is not that transparent; and then major asset for small breasts: they create swellign exactly where it’s needed, he he.

I mix it here with a jacket I offered to my man, as I truly love the khaki-lace mix.

Well, right now, I wish I could wear this, because it’s 4 pm and I had to turn on the light because of the shit weather and I’m currently wearing a big wool sweater #imfine.


Made in France: French Cocotte Jane Top, Bleu de Paname jacket, Maison Boinet leather cuff, Judith Benita et Boutique les Fleurs earrings / IRO jeans, Golden Goose sneakers, l’Equitable basket

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