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Zen minimalist manicure

25 March 2016

nail art manucure minimaliste points dotting tool

A small beauty post for the end of the week, very very easy: a minimalist manicure, slightly japanese with the red dots. I won’t call it nail art and by the way, don’t expect me to teach you any technique: I don’t know anything about nail art!! Sometimes too much for me, sometimes bluffy, nail art never tempted me. But if you want to be blown away, then you should go on Camille’s blog: pschiiit chief. 

My minimalist manicure is VERY simple: 1 base coat, 2 coats of nail polish, dots with another colour, and a top coat if you don’t want your effort to be destroyed within two days.

How to make dots?

If you really like to do it, you can buy a dotting tool; or you can also do like I did: you dip in the nail polish the end of a hair pin: either a bun pin so make smaller dots, or like me a bobby pin for unique bigger dots. Easy I said!

I personally used Sephora mini polishes for this manicure: the last long and I like the idea of a small bottle. You can either do like me: constrasting dots, or tone on tone, pastel, etc… And to make it more minimalist, you can put a dot on naked nails!

And why a zen-inspired manicure? Well, because I really Zen in this period. Yes, I am currently working on a very nice project for the blog and so I’m very excited. I want to shout it from the rooftops, but I must shut up, at least until next week: yes, you should stay tuned on the blog and on my social networks if you don’t want to miss CRAZYYYYYY news!!

I wish you crazy gourmand & happy Easter!

Made in France: Sephora Free Smack and Catwalk Diva nail polishes, Pulp Jewels fine rings, Gas Bijoux bigger ring / Levi’s shirt

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