A miniskirt? How old are you?!

5 January 2016

jusqu'a quel age porter mini-jupe conseil mode

The question I ask myself since this photoshoot? Is there an age limit to wear a miniskirt or to show your legs?

I ask myself about the miniskirt issue since I noticed the way people look at me on the street. I event noticed that women strangely seemed to be more interested by my outfit. OK, I’m not talking about young women who don’t care about such questions and who are right! Yes, women look at me from head to toe when I wear a miniskirt: because I’m too old? too tall? because my skirt is too short? because they find it vulgar? Nice?

All this at a time! So I searched on the web and I found this recurring question on Google “Is miniskirt allowed after 35?” arrrrgg, I choke. So it seems like we have an expiry date AND I exceeded it! Yes, some women (certainly more conservative than men!) think that you just can’t wear a miniskirt after 35 years.

OK, I personally don’t agree with that. For sure, my tastes are now different compared to when I was 20. But if I think that an outfit is nice AND that it suits me (important!) I won’t tell myself: “O shit, I forgot! I’m not 20 anymore: I can’t!” For sure you will never see me wearing a miniskirt + low-necked + stilettos! But as I was 20 I did not dress like this either!

I have the feeling that such social conventions also depend on self-censorship and eras.

What do you think about this “famous” age limit? Do you wear miniskirt??

Made in France: Gerbe tights, Saint James cap, Robert Clergerie boots/ Zara miniskirt, Rodier sweater

porter mini-jupe apres 35 ansmini jupe apres 35 ans conseils modeoser mini jupe apres 40 ans conseils modeoser mini jupe apres 40 ans blog modepeut on porter mini jupe apres 40 ans conseils blogueuse mode

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