Anemone – Needlewoman for Monette Paris

4 December 2012

anemone couturiere monette paris lingerie luxe made in france

Anemone inaugurates the part of the blog dedicated to portraits of handworkers and artists! Yes, I write a fashion blog and I also want to explore with you what is behind the curtain: gifted women and men who create beautiful pieces, not necessarily famous people, and who guarantee a real French know-how! Let’s start with Anemone, needlewoman for Monette Paris: 

Your training: I have a vocational training certificate in dressmaking. I worked for Lejaby in Bourg en Bresse until manufacture’s closing in 2011. I’ve been fired and so I decided to learn woodwork, then Françoise Nevoret called me to talk about Assia Hiridjee’s project: Monette Paris.

What’s difficult in your job: I did not try to find another job as a needlewoman: I wanted to change. But among men, it’s hard to be considered when you do a technical job. Anyway I find it reassuring to have other qualifications.

Your feeling about luxury lingerie in France: it takes years before being perfectly operational! I must admit that I still learn. Most difficult part on briefs are waistline and thighs (Anemone is sewing briefs during interview)

How do you feel about starting the Monette project: I am so excited! My aim is also to prove my previous bosses that they shouldn’t have fired us!! By the way I’m eager to see Monette’s sign in front of the building.

What are you proud of in your job? It’s very enhancing to manufacture such beautiful and luxury lingerie; I look forward to to seing them in shops!

What does Made in France mean for you? It’s elitist. I wish I could buy such products! It’s nice to see that it has become a strength and a selling point.

Kokoriko +: Assia Hiridjee is one of Princess Tam-Tam’s founders and she has just launched her new project: made in France luxury lingerie brand Monette Paris. Underwear are manufactured in Bourg en Bresse. I would like to thank Françoise Nevoret, Corinne Dervaux and of course Anemone for the time they spared me. As I left Monette, I was excited as a child and happy to have witnessed thie starting adventure. Lucky me: I also could see the whole coming collection, and I’m sure Monette will succeed!

EDIT 03/11/2015: brand has been sold since then and is now named Madame Aime

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