Beauty minute: my body #2

11 December 2014

produits de beauté cosmétiques made in france

Today on the blog, I’d like to chat about skin care and cocooning. Cold weather has come and my dry and sensitive skin needs help!

For sure, since last Beauty minute, some products have changed. For 2 reasons: because it’s a different season AND also because I like testing new products! Those cosmetics are all made in France except Soapwall deodorant which is made in the US.

Let’s go:

1. As I lastly visited Melvita in Ardèche, I chose this body scrub that smells good. Not expensive but effective: I like it!

2. Aderma Cleansing Oil: my daughters and I have been using it since temperature came down. It’s not a fun product: neutral perfume, no foam, but it’s exactly what you need to clean dry skin without stripping it. It’s the first time I test it: a friend of mine is a fan: I tested it at her home and adopted it. In return I made her discover the micellar milk and she loved it too!

3. Avene Xeracalm cream: so great to moisturize dry skin! My man and I use is as a night hand cream. I also found out after my purchase that its tube is unusal: it’s the DEFI technologie by Pierre Fabre. They imagined and patented it to keep the product inside intact without using any preservatives: that’s highly important for sensitive skin. You have to squeeze the tube a little be harder but it still far more practical than a pump bottle which prevents to use the whole product! (unless you’re higly motivated and that you cut it!)

4. my super great soapwalla cream deodorant: I bought it on Oh my Cream! I even convinced 2 friends of mine to test it. OK 15 euros for a deodorant is unusual, but as I said it’s highly efficient and it lasts long: the first one I bought lasted 7 months!

That’s all for today! It’s a short beauty minute  but it’s enough for me: what about you? Which products are your favorite at that time?

cosmétiques made in france aderma avene melvita

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