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Face Beauty Minute #3

24 April 2015

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It’s spring and we don’t necessarily use the same skin care products than in winter. Since the article I wrote about my winter skin care I finished a few products and so I wanted to try new ones!While I am writing this post, I realise that I am currently using only made in France cosmetics which is not always the fact. Let’s go:

Morning Routine:

No more splash of water + cleansing:  it cost me to give it up and it took a few weeks but I understand that it alters the hydrolipidic film formed overnight , especially as the water is very hard at home : a real nightmare for dry skin ! So, I opted for Caudalie Moisturizing Toner to clean impurities gently and prepare the skin for treatment.

Then I apply the Institut Esthederm DERM REPAIR serum that is formulated for all skin types . It is smooth and does not stick. I complete with the Active Repair cream. This is the first time I use the same brand and a fortiori the same range for 2 consecutive skin care products, I think that it’s not bad because assets are complementary. This cream is for all skin types, from 30 years, basically if you are reading this and you have 20 years skip this paragraph reserved for over 30 years ; ))

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I am currently testing an eye cream : Institut Esthederm Active Repair. I never used any eye cream, and I must say I do not have much to complain about, but since this is a thin and fragile area , my skin certainly tells me thank you !

Evening Routine:

Cleansing and make-up removal time!!! I am currently finishing the Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser that I now use differently: rather than apply it with a cotton pad I emulsify it with fingertips all over the face and when I am finished, I rinse with mild water : my skin feels clean but not dry ! If I put make-up on my eyes I use the Lancôme Bi- Facil. Finally, I apply again Active Repair cream. As the pot is almost over , I will soon return to l’Occitane Divine Youth Oil.

Weekly Skin Care:

I apply Institut Esthederm Nutri System mask I already told you about . It happened once or twice that I let it lay overnight: baby skin effect guaranteed! The brand also proposed me to test the cream Sweet Désinscrustante Osmoclean and as I enjoyed it I will talk about it : during these cold months, it has replaced my scrub grains, I think it is a good product with good texture that cleans skin without attacking it.

What about you: what are your favorites products for this spring? You may know top products I did not test yet??

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