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Face beauty routine: spring

24 March 2014

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Right, It’s nice talking about nail polish, make-up, etc… but what do we do for our skin?! How do we take care of it? Now, I’m gonna talk about external care, because if talk about food, sleep,’ll sleep by the end of the post! So, I decided to sum um my facial beauty routine. Note that all those products are made in France except: Clinique, REN and Konjac.

First note: I’m impressed by the number of products! My beauty routine is quite easy and quick, but still….

conseils beaute blog


1. I wash my skin with the A-Derma soap-free foaming gel: I like using cold water when I get up to wake up!

2. I know I should now use here a lotion….but I don’t! I apply my moisturizing cream. Now, it’s the Nuxe Crème fraîche de Beauté. I really like its texture: it’s like a creamy yoghurt.

Then I apply my make up or leave my skin breathe. Nowadays, I like to use the Clarins BB Cream.


3. Make-up Removal (even on bare skin) with the Avene gentle milk cleanser for dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to its creamy texture, skin is cleaned without being damaged. I must admit that as I was 20, I did not do this if I had no make-up on, but I’m wiser ; )

4. If I put some make-up, I also use the Lancôme BI FACIL: easy and effective: you don’t need 10 cotton pads. I also used the Take the Day Off de Clinique which is nice too.

5. I then use the Clinique clarifying lotion 2 and I feel now that my skin is so clean!

6. Nowadays, I use the Melvita Rose Extraordinaire which feels good on skin.

7. Once a week, I use a REN soft face scrub for dry skin I bought on Bazar Bio.

8. Kesako?! The Konjac Sponge: GREAT to remove a mask or a scrub: I just discovered it: it feels much better than a cotton pad: it feels like in the beauty salon when you use it.

Tiebraker: What is missing?! A moisturizing mask! Ijust finished mine and I’m looking for a new one: any suggestions?

I also would like to find soft and washable pads to replace cotton pads: throwing them away gets on my nerves: another suggestion?

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