Folk half-up ponytail

9 October 2016

What do you think of very small small small hair tutorial?? No frankly: we seek more often nice but quick and simple hairstyles rather than stuffs which require 1 hour to understand the tutorial, 2 hours to find accessories and 3 hours to….finally be disappointed about the result. Ah ah, I feel that I will be quite embarrassed next time I will show you a bit complicated hairstyle (hashtag contradiction)…The idea of this  hair style that I currently truly love as I am in a hair mid-wild phase is to make a folk half-up pony.

Not the cheerleader half-up pony that we proudly wore at school hoping to look like Tiffany Amber Thiessen: something very low on the neck and that is cool, so cool that it looks like it’s gonna fall from one second to another.

So, if you agree with that, here comes the hair tutorial to make a folk style half-up pony.

I hope you’ll like my tiny video and I wish you a nice sunday!

Vintage dress, Zara nubuck link (oldies but goodies!)

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