I tried for you: Dessange school

11 June 2017

Let’s talk about hair today ! Lastly I went to Dessange school in Lyon. It’s a training school for hairdressers and  apprentices. You can go there to get your hair done, and as you can imagine, it’s affordable ! 

It’s been a while I wanted to test it. And as I wanted highlights for this summer, it was the right occasion. So I decided to make this video to explain you how the Dessange school works, and in which way I advise you to go / not go there.

I just would like to add something about what I said in this video: I personally wouldn’t go there for a radical new hairstyle ! In the past, I went several times to the hairdresser with extra long hair to get a boyish haircut, or even a half hawk once.  In this case, I clearly advise you to know where you’re going, and to choose it rightly, because, even your hairdresser is experienced, he generally doesn’t do that every day !

I wish you a nice evening, talk to you soon here !

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