Perfume: Guerlain Shalimar

6 February 2015

guerlain shalimar parfum cinemagraph

Guerlain Shalimar: a myth in the history of french luxury perfume industry. This is my perfume for this winter. Last year, I tried Shalimar that everyone knows and which was created in 1925 (!) and I fell in love! So I chose it for this winter. It smells bergamot, vanilla and iris and is a reminiscence of feminity and sensuality. With such a fragrance and this heavy jewel bottle, using it becomes a real pleasure. Ok, if you like light fragrances, I bet you won’t like it….

Yes, as far as perfumes are concerned, I’m not loyal. I use only one at once, but never the same two times in a row. When I am about to finish the bottle, I am eager to find the new fragrance I will love.

When I say new, it’s not exactly that I am fond of new perfumes. My nose may be old-fashioned but when I test them with samples, I have the feeling that they often more or less smell the same: I think there is kind of conventionalism amongst actual creations. Not always, but still often.

What about you: do you love Shalimar?

PS: at the end of the shooting I was covered with Shalimar!

shalimar parfum luxe made in france guerlainguerlain shalimar flacon luxe fabriqué en france

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