Portraits: artists and craftspeople

9 October 2015

This is a project that I had on my mind for months: revive the category on the blog devoted to portraits of artisans, designers and manual workers. If on my blog, the issue of French manufacturing is crucial, if highliting made in France is my aim, it’s also to see the human behind the object and to pay tribute to these women and men who have a real know-how.

Wow, that’s solemnity! But precisely, if this topic has remained fallow (nearly 2 years have passed since the portrait of Thomas Huriez founder of 1083), it’s because I quickly realised that an article made with photos and text does not reflect their world enough. Video is more alive: you hear voices, you can see them working, we chat: in short I prefer to do it this way. Besides,  am very interested to know what you think about this and if you share my views or not!

To inaugurate a second time this blog category, I imagined and shot a small fun teaser, in the mood “I wanted to be an artist”: I hope you’ll like it! Moreover, you can suscribe to my new youtube channel!

And of course, stay tuned: you’ll will get to know artists and craftspeople very soon!

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