Sensitized, dry hair: treatments and tips

28 May 2015

soins cheveux secs sensibilisés leonor greyl dessange blog beaute lissage brésilien X Tenso

Today, I’m talking about a beauty topic on which I could write a PhD: dry, sensitized, relaxed hair! “My hair, my struggle” to sum up! Now, I’ve found what I need to take care of them, not without difficulty and various experiences (not always successful!) If you have gorgeous hair without doing anything, you can skip this article! Today I’ll talk to those who worry about split ends, dry hair: I’ll give you my current hair beauty minute, with made in France products:

You have to know first that my hair is straightened: X Tenso and Brasilian Keratin Treatment (I’ll explain that to you another day): so they are even more sensitized. Sometimes, I’m too lazy for that, but ideally, I give them a mask after every shampoo:

For the shampoo, I use alternately Phytodess (Dessange) Manketti shampoo and Leonor Greyl Bain Vitalisant B. This one is very soft, it barely foams, so I advise it for frequent use. I personally wash my hair twice a week.

As for a mask, I currently use Leonor Greyl Masque Fleurs de Jasmin which smells incredibly good and which has a nice buttery texture. It does a lot of good for my hair. When it is needed, I keep it over night and I do the shampoo when I get up: my hair is soooo soft!

Before and/or after blowdrying my hair , I use Dessange Absolue Legend Oil which smells like holidays and which protects hair ends.

You may wonder what this lime bottle does in the middle of my hair products?! Well, I often buy lemon juice in bottles, but I kept this one several months in the fridge and so it tasted less good. As I hate wasting, I recycled it in my bathroom to complete the final rinse with cold water: let it shine!!!

Now, you know everything! I look forward to read what you do to take care of your hair!!! I want to know everything!

Dessange: Absolue legend oil and Manketti shampoo, Leonor Greyl: bain revitalisant and masque aux fleurs de jasmin, Jardin BIO: green lemon juice

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