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Unicorn Rainbow Cake

30 May 2018

rainbow cake licorne recette

Last December, I made a unicorn raibow cake for my elder daughter who was celebrating her birthday with friends at home. And now reading these words, you imagine me as a Wonder Mum who makes perfect cakes for her children birthdays : ERROR ! If I’m not bad at all at cooking, it’s not for children that I do my best. Oups…..Yes now it’s said.

But that day, I don’t know why, I had the sudden urge to prepare a nice cake for them. I personally wouldn’t say “good” because I don’t like sugar paste and buttercream, but whatever.

Now if you’re ready here’s my unicorn rainbow cake receipe, and in the end, I propose 2 improvements I will use next time. Last thing before I start : it’s quite long to do, but not complicated

Ingrédients for the sponge cake :

430 g flour

430 g sugar

220 g butter

20 cl liquid cream

10 cl milk

5 eggs

1 sachet of baking powder

1 sachet of vanilla sugar

food coloring

Ingredients for american buttercream :

350 g softened butter

700 g icing sugar

4 ss liquid cream or milk

Vanilla Aroma (optional)

Mold 15 or 20 cm

Sponge cake preparation :

Heat the oven 180°C

In a bowl, beat sugar together with eggs until the mixture whitens and grows.

Add the melted butter and then vanilla sugar and the baking powder.

Gradually add sifted flour and the milk together with cream to obtain a lump-free dough.

Divide the dough into 6 bowls. In each bowl, add a different dye. I personally put around 3 knife points to obtain pastel colors, but it’s a matter of taste.

Grease the mold and bake for 10 minutes each (watch with a knife tip)

American Buttercream:

You will use this cream to stuff the cake between each disc of cake and to cover it on and around.

Beat or whip the butter until it turns white, add the icing sugar in several times. Beat about 10 minutes and add the aroma. Add some cream if you like it lighter.

Rainbow Cake building:

Between discs spread a smooth layer of buttercream. When all the discs are mounted, spread your buttercream on top and around the cake to give it the smoothest shape as possible. Cover it with sugar paste spread with a rolling pin.

Decoration :

For the ears, I used two toothpicks inside each ear. I used them to shape the ears and to fix them on the cake.

For the horn of the unicorn, I used an ice cream cone I covered with gold food colouring diluted in pure lemon juice. You have to apply several layers for a beautiful golden effect.

I drew the eyes with a food pen.

And finally I made the hair mixing buttercream with colourings.

My ideas :

+ when I do this cake again, I will use a 15cm mold instead of 20cm. So my uncorn will look less wide , and mich higher. And so I will have more buttercream to better smooth the side before covering the sides with sugar paste.

+ I didn’t buy all colouring powders, as I wouldn’t have the occasion tu use them. So, I mix colors to make new ones like the orange and the green.

So you play Now !! I await your feedback. Here my youngest daughter already ordered a Unicorn Rainbow Cake for her birthday : I’m screwed…

recette gateau rainbow cake pate a sucrerainbow cake licorne facile

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