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Yoann Conte Restaurant

29 January 2017

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Some time ago, I took my man to lunch at Yoann Conte on the shores of Annecy lake. A moment just for us, to taste nice things, and drink good wine: exactly what we love !

Who is Yoann Conte ? He worked for Marc Veyrat, and bought the hotel restaurant of the famous Chef, the Auberge of the Eridan in 2010 on the shores of the lake to start a new story. Within the property there is a 5-star Relais et Châteaux Hôtel and the restaurant.

Yoann Conte Restaurant:

The restaurant has 2 stars in the Michelin Guide and 4 toques in the Gault Millau Guide. First feeling is strange as the buidling has a lavander blue color. I know it’s his historical color (it’s even called the Blue House), but still. I personnaly never came to Marc Veyrat, I found his prices absolutely crazy  and so I prefered to go to  Marcon or Blanc.

Inside, decoration is nice: zen and cosy, and you have a wonderful view on the lake. You feel really at ease actually. Original point: the kitchen is behind  a canopy so that you can watch the backstage…I did not see anyone shouting or getting excited, Yoann Conte brigade looked rather zen. As far as decoration is concerned, the only downside for me are the dishes, especillay the plates which I did no like, but it’s very personal and not essential at all. All my apologies to André Freydt, the glassmaker who made the dishes, I’m sure that lots of people like them…

What can I say ? That we were delighted, that there were things just delicious and other amazing ans that’s what I like in this type of restaurant: mastery and research.  Mention A+ for the breads. Staff is very nice and puts you very at ease. If you go to Yoann Conte, you have to know that the menu is a succession of “small portions”. We already had this at Troisgros. It’s different from Georges Blanc restaurant for example where you are brought a large share of poularde de Bresse with a more country spirit. I personally like both ways.

We chose the “Un Flocon à la Mer” menu at 149€ per pers.

A bad surprise: a cup of Champagne at…….31 euros ! Even in this type of restaurant, it’s totally overrated, but you’re on the shores of Annecy lake and that’s the price to pay…

To sum up, I highly recommend you Yoann Conte restaurant, where you can enjoy a beautiful gustative experience in a rather relaxed atmosphere: good point for those who are refractory to this type of restaurants !

Restaurant Yoann Conte

13 vieille route des Pensières

74290 Veyrier du Lac

NB: oh I almost forgot to mention a lovely idea of  Yoann Conte team: when you leave they offer you a delicious gâteau de Savoie: yummy !

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