Lyon : my favorite vintage shops

As I often talk about vintage , upcycling and so on on the blog, I thought that maybe time had come to also chat about second-hand clothing shops. Here I’m gonna talk about vintage clothes shops in Lyon. Good thing here is that almost all of them are located in the same area, so it’s very easy to make a vintage shopping session!

MEGA preview up there: you can have a look on the very first French Cocotte socks ! I’ll tell you more about them very soon…

OK, as you already know, having vintage clothes is a way to look different with a low-impact on the environment.

As I am apprehensive about cleanliness, I only buy things I can wash, so no leather shoes, etc…

Frip’attitude: it’s an Emmaüs second-hand shop. I know it’s not exactly donwtown, but I highly recommend it. Everything is tidy, and the day I came for this post, I made a crazy GOOD deal: this woolen WEILL coat which is almost new (not worn at least) for 35 euros! Even the lady at the cash register looked twice at the price before telling me it WAS a good deal. “Yeah I know, please give me my coat back”. Doing shopping at Emmaüs is also a way to participate to charity.

Fripp’attitude, 281 rue de Créqui, Lyon 7ème

Léonard: basic decoration, let’s say we don’t feel in a vintage mood. Prices between 10 to 50€ except for some clothes which are a little bit more expensive like coats. You’ll find psychedelic vintage print so as more recent clothes. For men and women. Friendly people. Leasehold is on sale.s

Léonard, 19 rue Hippolyte Flandrin, Lyon 1er

Fripes ketchup: a very nice shop, well-known in Lyon among those who like vintage clothes.  Note to those who don’t like digging: on the ground floor, clothes are nicely displayed like in usual shops, which is very nice to see them well. In the basement, you’ll find more clothes, which are stored on stands, for men also you’ll find nice workwear jackets. Wide choice of Levi’s 501: around  35€.

Fripes ketchup, 25 rue Sergent Blandan, Lyon 1er

Market Place: decoration is great: a mix of vintage clothing and furniture and so you feel cozy here. You’ll find Manoush so as Pierre Cardin and made in France brands which don’t exist anymore. For men and women. Range of Levi’s 501: around 45€.

Market Place: 1 rue des Capucins, Lyon 1er

Jimi Vintage: not very interesting in my opinion if there weren’t all these Levi’s jeans for 15€ (huge, isn’t it??) ! The boss is very kind, and jeans are sorted by size. You should come regularly. At that price you don’t hesitate to buy jeans you will cut, scarp, dye and so on…

Jimi Vintage, 10 rue Romarin, Lyon 1er

Carrie Bradshop: a famous shop in Lyon, surely also thanks ot its grat name. Also a wide range of vintage jewelry ! Un great choice of luxury brands, and a lot of accessories. As a consequence, not the cheapest place.

Carrie Bradshop, 17 rue Romarin, Lyon 1er

Love Me Tender: a great shop with a lot of clothes, accessories and shoes. Some current brands, but most are vintage garments.

Love Me Tender, 22 rue Pizay, Lyon 1er

Tilt: very close to the Perrache train station, I think it’s worth going. Prices are reasonable, and range is quite wide. Decoration is basic, and people friendly. A good range of Levi’s and others: around 45€. I personally found a nice 70s leather bag. I show that to you soon!

Tilt 62 rue Victor Hugo, Lyon 2ème

Also remember that the vintage fashion market takes place every year in Lyon (next will take place on 11 and 12 of March 2017)

Of course, I await your opinion and ideas of nice places!

Vintage: Weill coat (Emmaüs), (Tilt) handbag / Made in France: Poggi Paris ring, French Cocotte socks / Levi’s jeans, Sessun sweater, Patricia Blanchet pumps, Kenzo scarf, Poggi Paris ring


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